Who We Are


It’s where we come from and where we’re going.

Most people are not aware that we did not start as a gourmet gift company.  Our roots take us back to when we sold wooden gift boxes to gourmet food companies, some of the biggest names in the business including Williams-Sonoma.   In 1979, we developed a novel idea: “Brand a company’s logo on our wooden box and fill it with cheese or other gourmet items.  What a great business gift!”  A new business was born!


We were the first company to offer gourmet food in packages that included something recipients would retain as a lasting reminder of their gift.  We started with wooden collector’s boxes and hardwood cutting boards.  Then we added collectible wooden trucks, pencil cups, reusable gift boxes and more.  Recently we added gourmet ice cream packages as a summertime treat, another first for the promotional products industry.

Our Values

We have a passion for the work we do. We care about our customers and take pride in providing them with the finest gourmet gifts.

Guiding Principles
We have always believed that by putting our customers and employees first‚ success will certainly follow. The secret to our success can’t be found on a spreadsheet. It’s grounded in the principles that have always guided us:

  • Our mission - We want nothing less than your complete satisfaction.
  • We produce gourmet gifts that are recognized for their outstanding quality. Gifts that will make a positive statement about your company.
  • We ship on-time! Over 99.99% of all orders since 1979.

Knowledgeable Customer Care
The average tenure of a Maple Ridge Farms customer service associate is over 10 years. Our customer care specialists are renowned for their helpfulness and product knowledge. That's because each member of our team receives more than 120 hours of training, until they know virtually every detail of every one of our products and services.

  • We will always support any action our employees take on behalf of a customer

For most companies, legendary service is just that: a thing of the past. Not for Maple Ridge Farms. We built our company on the belief that every customer deserves our absolute best, and that’s just what we deliver.

What inspires us?
Knowing that every gift we produce is one that recipients will be thrilled to receive.