Submitting Your Shipping List:Submitting Your Shipping List
Submitting Your Shipping List
Correct Format for Electronic Lists

General Requirements

  • We will accept MS Excel or MS Word format.
  • Lists will only be accepted in PC format.
  • All addresses must be submitted in a single worksheet, document or file.
  • Spreadsheets must contain only one worksheet.
  • Excel files must use the exact field names shown below. The cells must be formatted as text.
  • MS Word files must have the list in a table with the first row containing the field name for the column from the list below.
  • Comma and tab delimited files must have a header row with the field names from below.

  • For your convenience we have created a preformatted MS Excel file that you can use to create a properly formatted mailing list. To avoid time delays please reference your company name, contact name and purchase order number when emailing the file.


    Maple Ridge Farms Preformatted spreadsheet - Please download and save


    Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Address List

    Acceptable vs Unacceptable Maple Ridge Farms Address List

    Acceptable Address List:
    Utilizes header row
    Information is entered in correct columns
    No extra spacing or returns are used within a cell

    Unacceptable Address List:
    Missing header row
    Information was not entered in correct columns
    Extra spaces and returns are entered within a cell


    Other Notes

  • Either Name or Company may be blank, but not both. Address 2 may be blank.
  • If the item is not the same for all addresses, the 'Item' field must be included.
  • If the quantity per address varies, the 'Quantity' field must be included.
  • Item - This is the Maple Ridge Farm item number exactly as shown in the online catalog.
  • Quantity - Number of units to a single address.

    Correct Format for Typewritten List

    Information must be stacked (see example below)


    Company Name (max. field size is 30 characters including spaces)
    Recipient's Name (max. field size is 29 characters including spaces)
    Street Address (max. field size is 30 characters including spaces)
    City, State, Zip (max. field size is 39 characters including spaces)

    For additional information on correct formats for mailing lists, contact factory.

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